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  One to One
   with Graeme Goodwin

'Fast Track' Djembe Technique
Beginner Intermediate

@£ 30 /Hr


Basic Djembe Technique 

This is a short Clip of Basic Djembe Technique to begin mastering the basic Tonal sounds on the Djembe.

My Tuition and Classes focuses on pronunciation and clarity in the A B & C of the sounds on the Djembe and the way to begin making the Djembe 'speak'. 

One to One Djembe Tuition Options - 

    Fast Track Djembe Technique for Beginners


                    'Djembe Technique' is a fundamental part of percussion training and involves practice and

                 improvement of Tempo and Tonality - generally in 'straight time' - no rhythm. These techniques are a

                 faster quicker solution to mastering the Djembe and its polyrhythmical parts.


                   Lessons can be held at RhythmWorks Studio : 12 Curie Ave, Old Town, Swindon             or I will travel to your location       




                                                                                                                          1 Hour           OR             2 Hours


Beginner 1 to 2 Hours@ £ 30 / Hr

Includes Djembe Introduction and Primary Technique





                                                                                                             1 Hours          OR            2 Hours


Intermediate 1 or 2 Hours@ £40 / Hr 

Includes Djembe Primary + Roots Technique Patterns














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