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Corporate Drumming Experiences


A typical RhythmWorkshop will last up to 3 Hours long with group sizes from 5 - 30 Participants.


RhythmWorks works extensively in the Corporate and Educational areas with groups in the UK and across Europe.


RhythmWorks offer RhythmWorkshops and High Energy Drumming and Dancing for any event; Product Launches, Conference 'Break-out' sessions, Team-Building and Culture Days / Weeks 


RhythmWorkshops can be held anywhere from Conference Facilities, Hotels and even Company Board Rooms!


We require only enough chairs to seat Participants on and enough space to make and create a Drum Circle.



Please call or email me on

with your enquiry and I will send you a proposal for YOUR event..


Relax and Natural Focus


Playing Rhythm and having fun with hand drums provides those participating with an experience of Joyful Group Dynamics as well as the benefits of Musical Interaction and Inspiration with each other

A Common Goal..


Working with Corporate Teams and Groups to achieve a Common Goal in a Fresh, Exciting and Invigorating way.


Using the combination of Movement and Music to explore Communication and Strength of Unity

Drumming Workshop
Drumming with Magatte Djieng & RhythmWorks
Unilever Drumming
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