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Calley Memorial Hall

Weekly Workshops coming soon..

Please call me for details - 07377 669 134


R h y t h m W o r k s h o p s   -   What are they??

Taught & Facilitated by Graeme Goodwin of RhythmWorks you will learn to play the Djembe drum using proven traditional techniques originating in the training schools in Guinea Conakary for the Djoliba (the National Drum and Dance Ballet of Guinea Conakary).


You will learn an effective system of percussion technique used and respected by the Kamara family, from Guinea Conakary, teaching you to Apply correct technique, posture and tempo with meditation, learning how to 'free your mind' and utilize your true natural 'in the moment' energy.


You will also learn African Rhythms and experience Rhythm and Melodie, learning introduction and rhythm variation patterns arrangements with Graeme. After a good foundation in Tempo, Technique and Rhythm has been established, Graeme will guide you into playing Melodies and solo phrases.


Graeme has played Djembe for 18 years - travelled to The Gambia, West Africa and built a Drumming Holiday Centre, Alla Leake Kunda in the Gambia West Africa. Since 1999 has trained with Thomas Camara and Gibi Camara, SuSu Djembe Masters



With Graeme's Djembe Meditation Percussion Technique system you will benefit;



          Positive Effect of Percussion Meditation

          The Practice of the Primary TONES played on the Djembe

          'Time Precision' TEMPO whilst learning to make the Djembe 'speak'

          PLAY fundamental parts of West African Percussion and Djembe music

          Learn to 'Free your Mind' and find greater calmness and relaxed nature




It is important to play often - especially with other people - Interact, communicate and get inspired!


With RhythmWorks you will learn to Play the Djembe using correct West African Technique - Good Tone, Good Slap, Good Bass!


Enjoy learning and playing Traditional West African Rhythms, Variations and Introductions developing your own melodies and natural inspiration.


You are never too young to get the rhythm! Enjoy all elements of the RhythmWorkshop; Physical Co-ordination, Mental relaxation and Mind/body balance.


Come and be part of a dedicated group of people enjoying making community music together.Come and allow your intuition to Guide you with Rhythm Awareness.


The RhythmWorkshop has been created to facilitate all levels of knowledge, experience and abilities.

W o r k s h o p    P a r t i c u l a r s

1. Drum Type and Use


This RhythmWorkshop provides an authentic teaching format based upon West African Percussion and the core musical percussion instruments played.


The Technique and Rhythm Arrangements are for the Djembe Drum and originate in West Africa; Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Conakary, Mali, The Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso


You may bring 'other' Hand Drums to join the Workshop but the format is for the Djembe.


2. There are 'spare' Professional Djembe for you to use - Please ensure you do not wear rings or any other finger jewellry when playing these drums.


3. Call or Text Graeme if you have any questions or "not sures..." :-)  07377 669134



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