Immerse yourself in Yoga and African Djembe Drumming...a unique experience in the beauty of the Mediterranean!


Daily Morning Yoga


Our holiday-retreats, combine two very effective cultural practices - Drumming and Yoga - RhythOm, if you like? :-).. Both activities induce a more calm and relaxed natural 'state' and are best practised with a meditative approach, with similar mind-sets. When brought together, repetitively - overs days at a time, the resulting more calm receptive 'state of being' makes 'the learning process' a much easier one.


There will be early morning Yoga to 'set' and provide balance for the day, calming the mind and preparing the body, for a day of continued relaxation!


We provide Experienced Teachers and Musicians who provide a wealth of experience in their own speciality, as well as other forms of Culture and Spiritual practice.


Yogis & Teachers include.. -













Daily Djembe Drumming Intensive Technique and Rhythm


Facilitated by Graeme Goodwin of RhythmWorks you will learn to play the Djembe drum using proven traditional techniques originating in the training schools in Guinea Conakary for the Djoliba (the National Drum and Dance Ballet of Guinea Conakary).


You will learn an effective system of percussion technique used and respected by the Camara family, from the Susu Tribe in Guinea Conakary, teaching you to Apply correct technique, posture and tempo with meditation, learning how to 'free your mind' and utilise your true natural 'in the moment' energy.


You will also learn African Rhythms and experience Rhythm and Melodie, learning introduction and rhythm variation patterns arrangements with Graeme. After a good foundation in Tempo, Technique and Rhythm has been established, Graeme will guide you into playing Melodies and solo phrases.


Graeme has taught Djembe for 20 years - travelled to The Gambia, West Africa and built a Drumming Holiday Centre, Alla Leake Kunda in the Gambia West Africa. Since 1999 has trained with Thomas Camara and Gibi Camara, SuSu Djembe Masters  



With Graeme's Djembe Meditation Percussion Technique system you will benefit;



                                          Positive Effect of Percussion Meditation


                                       The Practice of the Primary TONES played on the Djembe


                                       'Time' Precision TEMPO whilst learning to make the Djembe 'speak'


                                        PLAY the fundamental parts of West African Percussion and Djembe music


                                        You will 'Free your Mind' and find greater calmness and relaxed nature








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